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SAAS NORTH 'soonicorns' panel

BetaKit knew them before they were famous.

Hey! We’re back this week with another great conversation recorded live with Canadian tech leaders at SAAS NORTH.

“We’re proving that we can build these massive businesses in Canada. I think the confidence level has never been higher.”
– Mike Potter,

While the last SAAS NORTH panel appearance on the BetaKit Podcast focused on emergent Canadian tech unicorns, this episode takes a longer view, profiling three Canadian tech companies that may one day achieve lofty $1 billion valuations.

CEOs from Rewind (Mike Potter), TealBook (Stephany Lapierre), and Boast.ai (Lloyed Lobo) joined me on the BetaKit Keynote State at SAAS NORTH to discuss building tech companies in Canada, why their companies might become unicorns, and why it’s so hard for Canadians to celebrate entrepreneurship until after a company has ‘made it’.

The panel was also partially responsible for one of the greatest tweets in tech conference history, which should give you some idea of the content to follow.

Let’s dig in.

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